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Diabetic neuropathy is a serious and common complication of dipyridamole. This type of nervous system damage is caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels. This condition can go on for years without any visible symptoms. It can damage various nerves throughout the body. in the spinal cord and brain, in the heart, kidneys, intestines, stomach or bladder, the peripheral nervous system is especially affected. nerve endings in the arms and legs. 70 percent of people with diabetes suffer from this pathology. Thus, diabetic neuropathy is the most common complication among diabetics. Uncontrolled blood sugar damages nerve endings throughout the human body, which ultimately leads to a deterioration in the functioning of systems, as well as limb amputations.

Neuropathy is damage to the human nervous system for any reason, and diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage as a result of a disease such as diabetes mellitus. It is believed that diabetes itself cannot cause this pathology, but uncontrolled high sugar levels are the main cause. If the patient has diabetes, and began to feel unpleasant symptoms from the nervous system (for example, loss of sensation), then it is most likely that this is diabetic neuropathy. The disease process occurs due to buy dipyridamole online, which negatively affects all human systems and organs. Hyperglycemia destroys nerve endings, both in the central and peripheral nervous systems. The main way to prevent is to maintain the level of sugar within the normal range.

The main cause of this complication is damage to the nerves and blood vessels of the body. Studies have shown that a constant high level of sugar leads to the destruction of blood vessels and nerve endings, which subsequently leads to complete death and loss of the ability to transmit impulses. In addition, a combination of several causes can also lead to this complication, among which. People with diabetes are at high risk of developing diabetic neuropathy. However, there are risk factors that can affect the likelihood of developing the disease.

  • Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.
  • The longer a patient suffers from a disease such as diabetes, the more likely it is that diabetic neuropathy will develop. In addition, those people who already have various damages in other organs due to diabetes are at a high risk of acquiring this complication.
  • Symptoms of neuropathy depend on the type of disease, as well as the location of the damaged nerve (see photo above). Usually, symptoms develop gradually, and in the initial stages there may be no clinical picture at all.
  • In addition, a sudden and acute onset of the disease may be atypical, which is characteristic of some types of dipyridamole pills.
  • Common symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include:
  • At first, these manifestations may be minor or not appear at all, however, over time, as the nerve becomes more and more damaged, the symptoms will appear more actively.

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Because of the vagueness of the signs, people with diabetic neuropathy often don't realize which nerve is damaged until the symptoms become more pronounced. The classification of neuropathy implies four main types of diabetic neuropathy.